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On occasion users need to have different experiences on a list which is most easily obtained by creating views. At the moment Sintel Forms are based on the list and allows only one form to rule them all. 

Allowing forms to be created per view (so multiple forms per list) would suit large organizations where different users need different experiences from lists.

For example take a list that has 20 different fields - but a junior admin person only needs to work with a handful of fields, they would simply choose the view that is best suited to them.


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    This seems to have sat here under the radar for some time. This is not something on our backlog at this time and as David Elcock mentioned this can be accomplished using tabs or logic within the Sintel Forms Designer.

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  • Hello.

    I'm relatively new to Sintel and came across this in a form that I am creating. My list has over 30 fields across three sections, A, B, and C. I set up the form logic to limit the view of different sections based on the workflow status. For example, the person initiating the form only sees fields in section A, not in B or C. Similarly, the final person sees only the fields in section C, not in A or B.

    In a similar construct, your form could be set up so that your junior admin person can only see the handful of needed fields in a particular section based on the form status. I hope this helps.


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