Ability to send multiple separate emails on single status


I think it would be very beneficial if there was an option to send multiple separate emails on status reached.

For example to notify the requestor and first approver that the second approver has made decision.



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    Hi Adam.

    You can do this by enabling notifications on each action rather than on the status.

    Action Notification is also sent when a status is reached.

    Kind regards





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  • Hi Michal,

    Yes that's right, however I think it would still be useful and you cannot really achieve this on initial status or in certain situations.

    I need to be able to send 2 emails one to user second to process Reviewer at the initial submission of the form however i cannot do this as the initial email is not being sent after submitting. 

    Additionally I have requirement for User and Process Admin to receive separate emails when form reaches a certain status but i don't want to have an extra action there for the user as the user is not required to take any action at that stage.

    Maybe I am missing something but I just cannot find a way to make this work unless we have option to send multiple emails upon reaching Status.

    I am happy to jump on a call if you wanted to discuss further.


    Adam B

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