Rounding Intermediate Values in a Calculation



I have a field with a calculated value that is based on two other calculated fields on my form.  I'll refer to the two other calculated fields as the intermediary ones, and the final calculated field as the terminal value.  Here's where I need help:

The intermediary fields are rounded to two decimal places.  My terminal value--again, based on the intermediary ones--is also set to round to two decimal places.  But it doesn't.  Instead, the terminal value is based on the non-rounded intermediary values.  So now my terminal value is different than the calculation based on the rounded intermediary values.  My question: is there a formula that I can use so the terminal value uses the rounded intermediary values, vs. their non-rounded values?  I noticed on another site that the TEXT value may be used to force rounding on the terminal value.  However, that function does not appear on your formula page.

I appreciate any help anyone can lend.

Thank you.




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