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Hi Team, 

Just wanted to touch base and find out whether there is any way someone could view a record they have submitted on the phone.  At the moment, users are able to see they have submitted a form on a date and time, however aren't able to click on the record (And view). Would be a great feature to have, in case someone is asked by their supervisor and the supervisor wants to see the record. (30 day period would work well for this). 



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    Hi Natalie,

    the way the mobile app works currently is that it simply keeps a log of the forms that have been successfully submitted to SharePoint in the last 30 days. As soon as the form has been submitted successfully to SharePoint the form and any data it contained is removed from the device mobile app. This is a deliberate design to avoid storing duplicate content on the device when the master version has already been saved to SharePoint.

    The mobile app is designed to provide you with the ability to complete forms while you are offline and enables 1-way synchrosnisation from the mobile app to SharePoint.

    At this time we don't have any plans to extend the functionality of the mobile app.

    Best regards,


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