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Would be great to have a reader acknowledgement feature for completed submitted forms. 

Background:  I would like to share a form for someone to read and document their reader acknowledgement (can be numerous people per each completed form). This may include current employees and externals.  Sometimes you want reader acknowledgement however don't want someone to be able to edit a form and to be able to track the reader acknowledgement on forms. 


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    Natalie this is a superb idea and you can actually accomplish almost all of it using our existing features.

    You first need to create the form and then enable the External Sharing option (this is to permit you to invite external users to participate). You also need to capture the internal users you want to participate which you can do by using a Person or Group field (allow multiple selections) on the form. Once this is done you simply need to setup a workflow within the Sintel Forms Designer with at least an initial status and a second status. In the initial status add an action that users need to click on to confirm the Reader Acknowledgement and assign it to both the user field and the external users. This will email them all to complete the action and you will be able to see the breakdown of who has responded and who hasn't. To prevent these users from editing the form you simply need to apply a rule to it.

    The only feature that is lacking for your solution is the ability to prevent internal users from seeing the Sintel Forms Workflow history which I guess is important for you so individuals can't see the responses from other users (external users can't see this anyway).

    We will add this as a new feature to the product and it will complete the solution for you.

    Best regards,


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