Restrict file content type uploads ex; zip, pdf docx etc.


Allow developers to select what type of file extensions gets uploaded or restrict file attachments uploads by extension type ie; .zip, pdf etc


Allow in the settings a multi-selectiv feature.


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    There is a new feature within the Settings screen of the Sintel Forms Designer to enable you to whitelist specific file types. Sintel Forms Designer->Settings->List Settings->Attachments

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  • I would really like this feaure

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  • Hi - that's a good suggestion!

    We need to figure out what is the best approach for this. Having access to a JS function to browse uploaded attachments in order to fire some custom code might do the job, as you could create a custom condition in the form's logic to validate whether the form has only valid attachments.

    On the other hand, it might be useful to have a possibility to apply some limitations in the file picker dialog (by logic, or as a global form setting, as you suggested). That might not work on mobile devices though.

    I'll let you know after we discuss it on our weekly meetings.

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  • Hi - after an internal discussion we think that it might make the most sense to indeed use a JavaScript function for retrieving information about the names of attachments. Such an approach will allow for more complex validation than having a predefined list of allowed extension types, defined on the global level.

    We have put this one in our backlog; it should be included in one of the upcoming releases.

    That being said, I believe that you can already achieve the behavior you want by using related document libraries instead of attachments, making use of the getValue() js function, and create file extension validation rules in the form's logic.

    Please read this article ( to know more about using linked libraries.

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