Best practices when designing forms

Here are a few tips that we recommend when building forms or solutions using our product.

  1. For each new form, you intend to create it's best to create a SharePoint site (Site Collection or subweb) in which to host the form. This provides more granular control over the form configuration including who can access it

  2. When creating list columns do not use spaces and capitalise the first letter of each word example (DateItemReturned) instead of (Date Item Returned)


    After creating a list column the label can be changed easily in the Sintel Forms Designer to make them more user-friendly and readable i.e. "Date Item Returned" instead of "DateItemReturned".

    This recommendation applies to the creation of lists, columns, lookup fields etc.

  3. When creating "Lookup lists" (lists that contain values to be used in forms such as drop-downs) prefix them with the word "Lookup" Example "LookupCountries", "LookupStates", "LookupCities"
  4. When creating the main list for storing form data use a name that reflects the data that will be stored such as "Ideas", "Timesheets", "Inspection Reports" etc...
  5. When using related Document or Picture Libraries on a form we recommend that users don't attempt to add many files large files at once as the form can take some time to save.
  6. During the creation of a lookup column, we highly recommended selecting 'Enforce relationship behaviour - Cascade delete' for the created lookup column. For more information please click here.
  7. The Rules within the Logic section are executed in the order in which they appear within the Sintel Forms Designer.
  8. When Forms are enabled and there are some changes made to the underlying SharePoint list, the user needs to open the Sintel Forms Designer and click save to ensure the changes made to the list are propagated into the Sintel Forms configuration.
  9. A site in which the Sintel Forms Add-in has been added cannot be deleted until the Sintel Forms Add-in has first been removed.
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