Sintel Forms Mobile App

The Sintel Forms Mobile App provides our customer with the ability to use forms offline. It is designed to allow customers use Sintel Forms in locations where they may not have an active internet connection or any cell coverage.

Getting and using the Mobile app is pretty easy.

  1. Download the Mobile app

    Currently it's only available for Android while we await it to be published by Apple for iOS.

  2. Launch the mobile app, choose the option to add a form and then scan the form's QR code

    To see how to get the QR code check out Share a form



The Mobile App app does not support all the features of the main Sintel Forms platform. This is mainly due to differences in the technology used between the web version and the mobile app and also considerations such as the lack of internet connectivity. It is important to note however, that all features are all supported in the web version once the form has been saved back to SharePoint. 

The list of features not supported by the mobile app are:

  1. Logic

    Things like cascading drop-downs showing/hiding fields and sections and conditionally setting field values using rules is not supported.

  2. Workflow

    The ability to access the "Actions" menu to complete tasks defined within workflow statuses.

  3. Conversations
  4. Export to PDF
  5. Image Annotation
  6. Additional fields from Lookup columns (partial support)

    If a lookup column is used and additional columns are also pulled in from the the same lookup list then those columns will not be auto-set within the mobile app when the main lookup column is set. Currently the mobile app simply doesn't support the disabling and auto-setting of these fields however this is automatically corrected by SharePoint once the data is saved. If a user manually sets the values in any additional columns linked to a main lookup column those manually set values will be overridden with the correct values by SharePoint when the data is saved.

  7. Default Values
  8. Calculated Fields
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