External Collaboration

The External Collaboration feature extends the External Submissions feature this to enable external users to edit forms they have already submitted. When this feature is enabled external users will be prompted to enter their email address when submitting a form and the system will send them a confirmation email that their form was received. If they wish to edit a form they submitted the system will email them a pin to grant them temporary access to edit their forms

To enable External Collaboration navigate to the Sintel Forms Designer -> Settings -> External Collaboration



The External Collaboration feature in only available when the External Submissions feature is enabled.

You can also define a confirmation email that can be sent to the user submitting the form.



1. A user fills in a new form in the external access mode. During submission, the user will be prompted to enter and confirm their email address. Upon successful submission of a form the user will receive an email confirming the form submission and this email will contain a link to the form.




2. By clicking on the link for the form within the email the browser will be opened and the user will be prompted to request a PIN to access it. Once they do so they will be emailed a 6 digit PIN code using the email address they provided when they submitted the form. The PIN code is is valid 5 minutes and if they enter it incorrectly 3 times they will be required to request a new one.




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