External Submissions

Customers using the Professional or Enterprise version of our Sintel Forms platform can use a feature called "External Submissions" to share their forms with external users (people outside of their organisation with no access to their SharePoint environment). When enabled, this feature will permit you to share a form URL with anyone and they will be able to submit that form.


The External Submissions features does not permit external users to access the conversations or workflow features. However if a workflow is configured on the form and the initial status is configured to send an email to someone then the email will be sent.

To set up External Submissions you simply launch the Sintel Forms Designer -> Settings -> External Submissions.



Enable External Submissions
This setting turns the feature on/off and when the feature is turned off all the other settings are disabled.


Please be advised that if you disable the External Submissions feature any users who were previously sent the link will no longer be able to use it.

Show captcha in for external submissions
Controls whether a captcha is required to save the form. This can be used to eliminate the possibility of receiving spam.

After external submission redirect to
This permits you to define the URL to which an external user will be redirected after they save a form. By default, external users are redirected to the Sintel Forms submission confirmation page.



External submission link
This the the URL that you can share with external users to enable them to save new forms.


Other settings also work with external access mode such as the confirmation screen. This means that when the user wants to submit a form in the external access mode first they must complete the captcha and then they will be shown a confirmation screen followed by being redirected to the Sintel Forms submission confirmation page.


The External Submissions setting is configured as per the picture below including the Confirmation screen:



And this is how it looks in reality:


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