Use Image Annotations

With the Annotation feature you can modify images you add to a form such as adding text, shapes or even pins. This is ideal for customer who use forms for inspections, checklists, audits and surveys. Examples of these types of forms could be work inspections, 5S checklists, safety audits project feedback surveys and many other others.

Image annotation can be used on images added to a form whether they are added to a related  library (both document & picture libraries) or images that have been added via the attachments option from the top menu bar.


The ability to annotate images is available on both jpg and png file formats.

The feature contains several options:

  1. Undo and redo - allows you to undo and redo any changes you have made.


  2. Draw - allows you to draw on the picture.


  3. Text - allows you to add text onto the picture.


  4. Shapes - allows you to draw shapes such as a rectangle, ellipse and arrow.


  5. Pin - allows you to place one or more pins.


You can also set other options such as a fill colour, text colour and set text to bold, italic and underline.


Any annotations that are added are saved whenever the save button on the annotate popup is pressed however users must save the main form in order to save any annotation changes they have made.

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