Initial Setup Process


The setup process requires you to enter the credentials of a user that has the "Full Control" permission level on the SharePoint site. Normally any user within the Site Owners group will have this permission level. The reason the credentials are required when setting up the app is that the creation of the 2 SharePoint groups requires requires Full Control Permissions.

The credentials you provide are used for the initial setup of the app and are not stored.

The setup process is automated and involves:

  1. Creating 2 SharePoint security groups to control access to the app.
  2. Setting up the various lists
  3. Uploading some custom files
  4. Re-configuring the site homepage


The 2 SharePoint groups that are created by the setup process are required to control access to features within the application as follows:

Sintel Media Library Power Users

These users will be able to upload, edit and delete assets in addition to adding/editing tags within Sintel Media Library application.

Sintel Media Library Administrators

These users will have the same permissions as Power Users with some additional rights including being able to control who has access to download assets and configure watermarks and copyright notices.


  1. Click on the app
  2. Click on setup
  3. Enter the credentials of a user with full control
  4. Click Setup
  5. Once the process is completed click "Open Media Library" to launch the app
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