Confirmation screens

Sintel Forms allows you to display confirmation screens after a new form is submitted or existing one is saved. The confirmation screens are completely configurable and can contain HTML including:

  1. Links: you can define a link to the form or any other URL.
  2. Images: you can embed images such as a thank you or congratulatory image.
  3. FontAwesome: you can embed icons from FontAwesome.
  4. Form data: you can display the ID of the form (item) that was submitted.


By default the Confirmation screen is disabled and you can enable it within the "Settings" screen of the Sintel Forms Designer.


Once you enable it a predefined confirmation message will appear and you can change this to suit your needs. We have provided a few samples below to help get started and you can simply copy any one of these and adjust them to suit your needs.


  1. Example 01:


    Submission Successful Example 01



    <i class="fal fa-check-circle fa-6x" style="color: green"></i>
    <h2>Submission successful!</h2>
    <p>Thank you for taking the time to submit your suggestion we really appreciate it!
    For reference your <b>Submission ID is {{ID}}</b>
    Built with <i class=" far fa-heart fa-1x" style="color: red"></i> by <a href=''>Sintel</a>


  2. Example 02:


    Submission Successful Example 02



      <h2>Thank you, your request has been delivered by our raven "Blackie" <i class="fal fa-crow fa-2x" style="color: grey"></i></h2>
     <p>We hired him after we saw how fast he carried Gendry’s distress message to  Daenerys while she was hangin' out at Dragonstone, the guy's a legend!</p>
     <p>Anyway, in case you're interested your <b>Submission ID is {{ID}}</b></p>
    Built with <i class=" far fa-heart fa-1x" style="color: red"></i> by <a href=''>Sintel</a>



Some of our customers use Sintel Forms for capturing feedback from users who attend training courses or marking attendance at meetings. If you utilise the confirmation screen in conjunction with the "After save/action redirect to" option you could use a shared device such as an iPad to allow each user to to provide feedback on a course or sign into a meeting in turn. Once each person has submitted their feedback/signed in they would receive a confirmation message and they could then pass the device to the next person.

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