Executing after save scripts

It is possible to execute a custom script right after a form item has been saved. This allows you to set custom values of form fields with the possibility to use all the server-defined values as well (e.g. the ID field, which is not available before a new item gets saved into SharePoint).

The demo below will show you how to prepare a custom script which will update the "Title" field of an item with a value that will combine two other field values: "ID" and "Date".

Example: for an item with "ID" equal to "1", and "Date" equal to "2018.07.04", the "Title" field will be "1_040718".

Assumptions: the list that the demo is using has an "ID", "Title" and "Date" fields available, and the "Date" field is present in the Form layout.

Quick Demo

Step 1 Ensure that the after save script execution is enabled

    1. In Sintel Forms Designer, navigate to the "Settings" section and enable the "Enable after save script" option:


Step 2 Type in the custom script

  1. Type in the following code in the "Script" box:
    let date = getDateTime("Date", "ddMMyy")
    let id = getValue("ID");
    setValue("Title", id + "_" + date);


    The code used in the "after save script" should use JavaScript syntax.

  2. Save the designer data.

   That's it - after an form is saved with a "Date" field provided, the "Title" field will be altered based on the script.

List of available API functions to use in after save script:

Function Description
getValue(fieldName) Returns the value of a field.
getDateTime(fieldName,format) Returns the value of a date/datetime field in the provided format. For a list of possible formats, see here.
setValue(fieldName,value) Sets the value of a field.


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