Create a list, configure or import a Form Template

The first step in using Sintel Forms is to choose whether you want to

  1. Create a Form

  2. Import a Form Template


Choosing "Create a Form" will prompt you to confirm if you want to create a new list or use an existing one while choosing "Import a Form Template" will permit you to import a fully configured template. Once you have chosen an option, you will be navigated into the Designer.

Creating a new list

If you choose to create a form and then choose to create a new list you will be prompted to enter the title of the list, this should be unique.

If you are creating lists from scratch it's best practice is to name any newly created fields without using special characters such as spaces, e.g. FirstName. This approach will make configuring forms much easier such as when using JavaScript in the form at a later point.

You can always change the display text of a field to more suitable one by either changing its title directly within the SharePoint list or within the layout screen in the Sintel Forms designer.


Using an existing list

If you choose the "Use existing list" option then you can select the list you want to configure and after clicking "Next" you will be navigated to the Sintel Forms Designer.


Importing a Form Template

Form templates enable you to get started quickly and get your first form up running in a matter of minutes. Our current record is 3 minutes!

We have provided some sample form templates which are available to download from our website here:

Also, if you choose to use our design services we can provide you with your own customised form template to suit your specific needs including the fields of data to capture, the layout, workflow and rules.

Whether you choose to download one of our pre-configured templates or have us create a customised form on your behalf you will need to import the template, luckily is very easy.

To import the template simply hit the "Import a form from template" option and follow the instructions.


The form template should be imported which includes the SharePoint lists, the fields (aka columns), the layout, workflow and rules.

 That's it, the Form Template is imported and you are good to go!

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