Settings menu

The Settings screen permits access to the settings of Sintel Forms and enables you to enable or disable features. The various settings are grouped into 8 separate tabs:

  1. Basic features

  2. Theme & Styling
  3. Form Viewer

  4. Localisation
  5. Conversation

  6. After save script

  7. External Submissions

  8. External Sharing

  9. External Access Settings
  10. Confirmation Screens

  11. Mobile Access


  1. Basic features



    Enable Sintel Forms on this list - Enables the Sintel Forms interface and replace the standard view/edit/display forms provided by SharePoint.

    Enable workflow - Enables the workflow feature allowing you to configure workflows for the form.

    For more about workflow click here.

    Enable logic - Enables you to define rules, conditions and steps.

    For more about logic click here.

    Enable version history - Enables SharePoint's version history on the list and makes it accessible when viewing forms. To access history click on the 2019-07-08_1709.png icon available after opening a form.


  2. Theme & Styling 



    Maximum form width - sets the maximum width which Form takes on the screen.

    Theme - here you can select theme from a predefined list of themes.

    Typhography - section with a couple of topography settings.

    Colors - section with a couple of color settings.

    Preview - a section which allows you to see how the changes you made will impact the form

    Code - here we have two buttons

    'Copy theme' - which copy JSON code with your theme to the clipboard.

    'Import theme' - which opens pop-up which allows you to paste copied code and applied the theme into the form.


  3. Form Viewer



    PDF export - Enable exporting to PDF in Portrait or Landscape mode. 

    PDF page numbering - Adds page numbers to the PDF export in one of three places ( bottom left, center or right).  

    Enable check for unsaved changes - When enabled the form will check for unsaved changes when closing the form. If there are unsaved some changes a confirmation prompt will be displayed.

    After save/action redirect to - Optionally choose where the users will be redirected after saving, closing or completing a task from the actions menu.

    The available options are:

    Default - redirect to the list view

    Form in edit mode - redirect to the saved item in edit mode

    Form in view mode - redirect to the saved item in view mode

    Custom URL - gives the customer a possibility to type an URL and redirects to it after save.

    After close redirect to - Choose where the users will be redirected after close the from. This setting contains the same options as 'After save/action redirect to'.

    Enable concurrent access - enables multiple users to edit a form at the same time rather than have them receive an error that another user editing the item.

    Hide form footer - enables customers to hide the standard "Built with Sintel Forms" text at the bottom of the form.

    Display menu at the bottom - gives the customer possibility to display 'Save', 'Close' and 'Action' buttons at the bottom of a form, in one of three available positions (left, center or right).


  4. Localisation



    Localisation - in this section, the customer can define labels or tooltips for buttons in the Viewer. Also, there is a link 'Reset to default' to easily bring back the original text.


  5. Conversations



    Enable conversations - enables the conversations feature permitting users to post comments and use @mentions in the form (2019-07-09_1431.png icon). 

    Send email notification for mentions - using @mentions notify users via email - this setting also permits you to customize email notification body.


  6. After save script

    After save script

    Enable after save script - enables executing a custom js script right after an item has been saved 

    For more about executing after save scripts click here.


  7. External Submissions


    Enable External Submissions - enables external users (those with no access to your SharePoint environment) to submit forms. 

    Show people pickers for external users - shows people picker ('person' type fields) for external users

    Show captcha for external submissions - enables captcha for external users - to be sure that they are not robots.

    After external submission redirect to - you can specify where to redirect external users after save.


    This setting only applies to external users i.e. users with no access to your tenant.

    For more about external submissions click here.

    Enable External Collaboration - enables external users to edit forms they have previously submitted using a combination of their email address and a system-generated pin. The setting also permits you to customize the email containing the link to edit a form which is sent to external users. 

    Confirmation email - enables external users to receive an email notification after submitting a form.

    For more about external collaboration click here.


  8. External Sharing



    Enable External Sharing - Enables your users to share a specific form with external users (those with no access to your SharePoint environment). These external users will be able to view and edit the form and participate in any workflow you have defined.

    Invitation email - enables email notifications for the external users if they are granted access to a specific form by an internal user. The notification can contain a link to the form to enable them to edit it.

    For more about external collaboration click here


  9. External Access Settings



    People picker behaviour - control whether person type field (if used on the form design) is available, disable or hide to the External users (we recommend that you do not enable this option for security reasons).


    'New form' setting is enabled if the External Submission feature is enabled.

    'Existing form' setting is enabled if External Collaboration or External Sharing is enabled.


  10. Confirmation Screens



    Show form confirmation screen for new forms - enable displaying a customisable confirmation screen after an item has been created. 


    Show form confirmation screen for existing forms - enable displaying a customisable confirmation screen after an existing item has been saved. 

    For more about confirmation screen click here.


  11. Mobile Access

    Mobile Access

    Enable mobile access - enables accessing this form via the Sintel Forms mobile app and define the form title displayed within the mobile app. 


    The View Configuration history link at the bottom allows you to view the history of changes made to the configuration of this form and revert to a previous configuration if required.

    For more about mobile app click here.

    For more about sharing form click here.

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