Conversations is a feature unique to the Sintel Forms Platform that enables users to quickly communicate with each other using @mentions. This speeds up many workflow processes by enabling users to request more information or direct a question to another user rather than having to reject a form or send it back to a previous step in a workflow process. To use the feature you simply need to enable it.


We recommend that when enabling the conversations features that you also enable email notifications to ensure users are notified whenever they are mentioned in a conversation.

Once you open a form you simply need to click on the "Conversations" icon from the top-right menu bar and type in whatever you want. If you want to address 1 or more users you simply @mention them and if you want to @mention the person who submitted the form you can use @author.




Anyone you @mention will immediately receive a customized email, including a link to the form such as the one below:




 You can mention the external users (External Collaboration and External Sharing features), but only ones that are saved. The 'external users' mention will display their email address or name if the name is fulfilled. 



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