Upcoming Releases

 Updates released on the last Monday of every month...Happy Mondays!

Here's what you can expect in the upcoming releases (March-April 2020)

  Feature enhancements

    1. Form Themes

      To enable consistent branding across your forms we are adding a "Theme & Styling" option to the Sintel Forms Designer which will permit you to create a reusable theme that is in line with your organisations branding. This will include setting the typography and colours to be used on Sections, Fields and Field labels. You will be able preview any changes you make to the theme and re-use it across all the Sintel Forms in your organisation.

    2. Sections with duplicate fields

      Customers will be able to add a field multiple times to a form by adding it into different sections. This is similar to how InfoPath used to work however instead of creating multiple views with different layouts you will be able to use sections to accomplish the same result. This will make it easier to use a single form for complex scenarios and reduce the reliance on logic to control the visibility of fields on forms. It will also make the design of forms much quicker.

    3. Customisable "Save" and "Close" buttons

      To give customers more control over the placement of "Save" & "Close" buttons we are adding an option to the Layout screen which will allow designers to drag and drop the "Save" & "Close" buttons directly onto their forms. This will enable them to place these buttons anywhere on the form and also to customise them to suit their needs including changing the button text and color.

    4. Improvements to menu buttons on small screens

      Customers have told us that they prefer to have the "Save" and "Close" text appear on forms even when on small screens. Seemingly some users have forgotten what a these buttons (   ) do...to be fair it's been quite some time since anyone we know has used a floppy disk!


  Also under development

    1. Sintel Forms BI

      We already have a Sintel Grid SPFx web part that our enterprise customers use to display data captured from their forms. We are extending this into a new offering we call the "Sintel Forms BI" which will enable our customers to build reports and dashboards using the data captured in their forms.

    2. More logic options

      Customers have been asking to extend the logic for various use cases so we are going to add the ability to disable certain features in some cases. This will include things like disabling the Attachments or Conversations when users are not in a particular group or when a form is in a particular state.

    3. Improved integration with Power Automate (previously Microsoft Flow)

      While Sintel Forms has it own built in Workflow engine that meets the requirements of most customers, Sintel Forms also works very well with Power Automate. You can already use the built-in workflow mechanism in conjunction with Power Automate and we are adding some exciting new features to improve the integration even further.

  Got an idea for a new feature?

We are always looking for ways of improving our product so please feel free to contact us with any features you think may improve our product and for the latest updates make sure to connect with us on LinkedIn & Twitter

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