Upcoming Release

 What's coming in the May 2018 release...

  Feature enhancements

  1. Tabs

    We are adding tabs to the forms. Finally, you will be able to split long forms into more manageable groupings using tabs. No need to setup choice fields and logic to show and hide fields or sections. You can simply add a tab control, configure the number of tabs and then place whatever you want into them. This item slipped from last months update as we wanted to also provide the next feature which is related.

  2. PDF Export

    We are adding an option to export your completed forms so you can download them as PDF files or print them. This was a heavily requested feature so we thought what the hell, lets add it!

  3. Ink Signatures

    Another heavily requested feature from our customers so we are gonna add it too. You will be able to sign forms on mobile devices such as phones and tablets and if you are using a PC/Laptop without a touchscreen you can simply use your mouse.

  Also under development

  1. Form Themes (coming in Q2 2018)

    To speed up the branding of forms we are going to add Themes so you can choose one that best matches your companies branding or indeed create your own. This will massively reduce the time it takes to create multiple forms in organisations with many forms that should use the same branding.

  Got an idea for a new feature?

We are always looking for ways of improving our product so please feel free to contact us with any features you think may improve our product.

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