Upcoming Releases

 What to expect in the upcoming releases...

  Feature enhancements

  1. Sintel Forms Mobile App

    We are in the final stages of testing our mobile app to enable our users complete forms offline from their smartphone or tablet. The app will permit users to connect to their SharePoint environment, take forms offline and then complete them when they are in the field or out with customers even when they have no internet connection. Once an internet connection is re-established the completed forms will be synced back to SharePoint.

  2. On Premise Version Upgrades

    The SharePoint on premise version of Sintel Forms for SharePoint is a few releases behind the SharePoint Online version. We are currently upgrading it to bring it in-line with the SharePoint Online version including a new UI and all the features.

  3. Inserting Document libraries and Picture libraries as a sub list

    Many of our customers requested the ability to add images into a form rather than add them as related attachments so we are working on this and hope to have it ready at the end of March.

  4. Ink Sketch control/Image annotation

    We are working on a feature to allow users annotate (draw on) images that they add to forms. Many of our customers use Sintel Forms to perform various types of audits and inspections. With this feature they will be able to highlight specific areas on a image such as a car hire company being able to indicate where on a car damage has been reported.

  5. More options in the Logic screen

    We are adding options to disable buttons such as the "Export to PDF" and "Edit" while also adding the ability to disable all sections and/or all fields in one logic step.

For the latest updates follow us on twitter @sintelltd


  Also under development

  1. Form Themes

    To speed up the branding of forms we are going to add Themes so you can choose one that best matches your companies branding or indeed create your own. This will massively reduce the time it takes to create multiple forms in organisations with many forms that should use the same branding.


  Got an idea for a new feature?

We are always looking for ways of improving our product so please feel free to contact us us with any features you think may improve our product.

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