08 Travel Requests Form


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This template can be used by employees to request approval for travel on behalf of their company. It captures all the relevant data including flight details, transfers, accommodation and the details of any additional travellers. It has a built in workflow with rich email notifications to notify the users when their request is approved or rejected.

Contains: Layout    Workflow    Logic    Linked Sub List   

List of styling customisations

  1. Uses a "header" section containing custom colours, font and icon with a title and description.
  2. The sub-sections use a blue header and icon to distinguish them
  3. The Approval section uses a grey header and an icon.


 Code Used

  1. Additional Travellers
    <p><font color="red"><b>Note:</b><br/></font> If multiple people are travelling the request will be approved by the manager of the main person travelling listed at the top of the form.</p>
  2. Passport Details
    <p><font color="red"><b>Note:</b><br/></font> If you are travelling to a destination that is outside of the European Union and/or the United States Mainland please contact the on-site Occupational Nurse or HR for required vaccination and general travel health advice 
    If you are travelling to the US please ensure you have a valid and up-to-date ESTA HTTPS://ESTA.CBP.DHS.GOV</p>
  3. Approvals Details
    This form will be sent to the appropriate manager for approval and then onto the travel coordinator to make any relevant bookings.
    <p><font color="red"><b>Note:</b><br/></font> For all travel outside Ireland, please be aware that you need to carry an International SOS card, available from Occupational Health.</p>
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