Titles, Tooltips & custom HTML


In the April 2018 release, we introduced a branding update allowing you to apply apply colours and change fonts along with using FontAwesome. This removes the need to utilise custom HTML and images in your forms, unless you like that sort of thing :)

Check out https://sintelforms.com/examples where you can see the new styling updates and download a number of pre-configured form templates for FREE!

Many of our customers customise their forms by adding Titles, Tooltips and custom HTML including images. This allows them to apply their company branding to their forms and enforce a consistent brand experience across all the forms they create.


  1. Titles: By default both Sections and Fields will display a Title but you can override the title and indeed you can choose not to display it.
  2. Tooltips: Sections and Fields also support Tooltips whether they are simple plain text or rich html.
  3. HTML: custom HTML can be added to sections.


You can also customise:

  1. Typography: Font Type and Size.
  2. Colours: Section Header, Section Body, Title Font, Description Font, Icon Colour and Field Label Colour.
  3. FontAwesome icons: optionally add icons to section headers.


In the following articles we showcase some forms and where relevant provide the HTML code samples that were used to create them.

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