Add a workflow

There are 3 key components within the Workflow section.

  1. Statuses: these are the states a form can be in at any point in time.
  2. Tasks: these are the buttons that will appear on the form allowing users move the form between Statuses.
  3. Email Notifications: these can be configured on both Statuses and Tasks allowing users to be notified when a form changes status or when they are assigned tasks.

Quick Demo (duration <6 minutes)

Step 1: Setup the Statuses for the form

  1. Launch Sintel Forms from the ribbon menu and choose the "Workflow" section.
  2. We will get started by adding a number of statuses, in this case, we will use 5.




  3. Once we have added them we will configure each of them in turn, let's get started with the first one which we will name "Draft" and set its color to gray.  




  4. Continue to configure the remaining Statuses as follows:
    • "Submitted" using a blue colour.  
    • "Approved" using a purple colour.  
    • "Rejected" using a red colour.  
    • "Deposit Paid" using a light green colour.  




    To change the order of the statuses simply drag and drop elements.




 All the Statuses are now set up.


Step 2 Setup the Tasks for the form

  1. Tasks are added within Statuses so first of we will add a "Submit" Task into the Draft Status and configure it by setting:
    • It's Name
    • It's Target Status (the status the form will change to when this task is completed)





    There are other settings here that we are not using including:

    *Quorum i.e. how many people are required to complete the task
    *Assigning Tasks to an individual or group of people
    *Requiring a comment when completing a task
    *Sending email notifications on task assignment
  2. Next we will add 2 tasks to the "Submitted" status so that when forms are in this status they can be Approved or Rejected
  3. For the Approval task we will set the Target Status to "Approved" and for the Rejection task we will set the Target Status to "Rejected"
  4. Finally we will add a task called "Mark as Deposit Paid" into the "Approved" status and set the Target Status to "Deposit Paid".




 All the Tasks are now setup.


Step 3: Configure the Email Notifications


For this for we are going to configure the email notifications to be sent when the form changes status: such as when it's Submitted, Approved or Rejected.

  1. Firstly for Submitted, we will send a confirmation to the person who submitted the form.
    • For the To and Cc fields we can choose certain fields from the form that are of type person or group by typing curly brackets {{.
    • For the Subject and Body we can choose any fields from the form by typing the @ character.




  2. Once we have configured the email we can copy and paste the the values from it into the email body of a different status.
  3. We will use the same email body for all of the statuses so we can copy this and paste it into the configuration of the other statuses (Approved and Rejected).

 All the Email Notifications are setup and our workflow is complete!

  • Emails will be sent when the form status is Submitted, Approved or Rejected.
  • The form workflow panel will show the history of the form Statuses and Tasks.

Sample Email notification EmailNotification


Sample Workflow Panel




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