Configuring Logic

There are 3 key components within the Logic section.

  1. Rules: you can define one or more rules that contain steps.
  2. Conditions: these are used to trigger the rules such as the value of a field.
  3. Steps: these are the operations that can be performed by the rules such as making a form read-only or executing JavaScript.


Again using our Sports and Social form we will add a Rule with Conditions and Steps.

Quick Demo (duration <2 minutes)


Step 1 Add a Rule

  1. Launch Sintel Forms from the ribbon menu and choose the "Logic" section.
  2. We will add a single Rule that will disable the save button on the form if the "Payment Option" field is not set.
  3. Click on "Add Rule".
    1. Set its Name to "Required fields missing data".
    2. Set the Conditions check method to "One condition must be met".

    New Rule

  4. Next add a Condition choosing "Field value check" and select the condition setting it as follows:
    1. Field: "Payment Option"
    2. Operator: equals to
    3. Value: leave this blank
    New Rule Condition
  5. Finally add a Step choosing "Form: disable the save button" New Rule Step


 That's it the logic is configured.

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