Screen 2-Layout

The Layout screen not only permits you to configure the form layout and apply styling such as inserting images, changing colors and adding HTML - it also gives you the possibility to add new fields (aka columns).

On the Designer Canvas you can add sections, columns and containers and then you can drag fields from the Add Fields Panel on the left into the containers to create your desired layout.


Selecting a particular section or field on the Designer Canvas will display its Properties on the Properties Panel on the right allowing you to make changes to it.


For a section you can:

  1. Set or change its title
  2. Show/hide its title
  3. Set or change its description
  4. Mark as hidden
  5. Set its icon
  6. Set its state (Optional, Mandatory, Read-only)
  7. Insert HTML
  8. Define a Tooltip
  9. Define Typography
  10. Define Colors etc.




For a field you can:

  1. Set or change its label
  2. Set its label position
  3. Set its label width
  4. Define a Tooltip
  5. Mark as hidden
  6. Set its state (Inherit from section, Optional, Mandatory, Read-only)
  7. Set calculated value
  8. Set default value etc.


The Properties you can set are dependent on the type of the field. Some properties (such as "Label") are the same for every field type whereas other are only available for specific field types (such as "Has calculated value").




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