Choose an existing list or create one

The first step in using Sintel Forms is to choose a list to use with it or create a new one.


For the purposes of this article we will assume that you are creating a new list for employees to join the Sports and Social Club within a company.

Step 1 create a new list for the requests.

  • List Title: Requests
  • List columns:


Column Type Options
Person Person or group  
Email Single line of text  
Department Single line of text  
Employee ID Single line of text  
Extension Single line of text  
Mobile Single line of text  
Account Name Single line of text  
Office Choice Office 1, Office 2
Gender Choice Male, Female
Payment Option Choice Pay in office, Payment Deduction
Deposit Paid Yes/No  

Now that the list is created you can start customizing it with Sintel Forms.

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