Cost & Licensing


There is only one version of Sintel Forms...The AWESOME one!

and after installing it you can use it totally free for up to 2 forms.

If you wish to configure more than 2 forms you must purchase a license.

Our licensing is simple, the cost of the product is dependent on the number of users in your tenant, you can create as many form as you like.

  • Forms Free €0 for up to 2 forms and unlimited users (No Subscription)
  • Forms 100 €499 for up to 100 users (Annual Subscription)
  • Forms 500 €1999 for up to 500 users (Annual Subscription)
  • Forms Unlimited €4999 for unlimited users (Annual Subscription)
  • Forms Non-profit & Edu €1999 for unlimited users (Annual Subscription)
  • Forms Enterprise (Annual Subscription) contact us for pricing


  • One flat annual fee
  • No hidden charges
  • Unlimited forms


Paying the license entitles you to:

  • Access to our online support center including a knowledge-base and training videos.
  • Access to the latest features as they are released, check out our upcoming features.


To purchase a license you simply open the app homepage and follow the instructions.

Sintel Forms App Homepage

Alternatively you can visit and purchase a licence from there.


Additionally we also offer 

  1. Extended support (SLA), if your organisation requires it.
  2. Design services to build reusable form templates for your organisation.
  3. Reporting and dashboard solutions based on your form data.
  4. Assistance with migration of data from older technologies such as InfoPath, Excel, Word, PDF and paper based forms.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to help.

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